"all you wanted was a ticket for a free plane ride
and a hand to hold and a mind to roam"
- Talika

New Zealand


FKA twigs - Lights On

Taylor Swift discusses dancing at award shows on

"Late Night with Seth Meyers"

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for the first time in ages i feel proactive enough to go for run but it’s raining constantly and i have no waterproof clothes shit





With just a chill head bop Jordin still manages to have more rhythm than the three tragedies next to her

What in the hell is Lorde doing?


Jordin looks like one of them hostages who have to pretend everything’s okay

IM SO FUCKING SICK OF THIS OMG tumblr celebrated so many positive things about the vmas but the rest has been a takedown of taylor swift and others and everyone thinks theyre being progressive as fuck but they’re just entering into the same levels of celebrity shaming as everyone else


Here is what is going on in Pakistan right now:

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Morning Fog by Jan Geerk

producedby40 said: that’s really shallow to say that it’s all about profit. nicki isn’t a ‘puppet of the music industry’ or whatever shit people say

tru that kinda undermines anything she’s tryin to say regardless of what it is

Anonymous said: Anaconda is about a woman pleasing her own desires

I see i see

Anonymous said: (Cont) men like big butts is like well yeah duh. "Little in the middle but she got much back" is not revolutionary this is already desirable esp in the way of men fetishising black women's bodies as fuller etc. not sure if this makes sense but yeah it's complicated.... The bit where she throws away the banana is great though haha... Idk I think generally it is her talking about her sexual conquests and how she's the best (which she is imho) in a way that male artists do AALLLL the time

No that was really really interesting, it does get kinda skewed eh cause i guess woman can watch it and be like whoa badass woman taking control of her sexual attraction but it does fetishise that one body type and men will probs just get off watching it, but ya male artists do it too but with more clothes on which is dumb

Anonymous said: Anaconda is complicated bc on the one hand it is nicki showing herself as powerful and in control and that women's sexuality doesn't necessarily have to be a certain way for it to be real or respectable (ie beyonce did very well promoting women's sexuality but it was still v respectable ie she bangin one guy her husband who she bin bangin for like 10 years) BUT at the same time, body types that are considered typical of black women (ie curvy, bootylicious etc) are fetishized so saying (cont)

yes yes i see

Anonymous said: I've got an anaconda for you George

oh kool. thank you when can i have it

Anonymous said: Obviously those are the intentions she wants people to believe, and she did not fail at all. Cheers!!


Anonymous said: I guess anaconda created a lot of attention because the song is about thick girls who are preferred for a man's sexual desire. Skinny girls are often, many times, are viewed as more beautiful in society. Girls with more curves are usually called fat for this reason. Yes, I don't agree with how nicki minaj tries to get this point across. At the end of the day, music is business, and they will do what will bring more profit.

aye yeah i see the intentions, cheers