"all you wanted was a ticket for a free plane ride
and a hand to hold and a mind to roam"
- Talika

New Zealand




Now that’s what I call justice 


yeah this is why I hate Tumblr nowadays 

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started talking about israel/palestine with a colleague today and i ranted about how much i lean towards palestine and then he said he was the opposite and i was like …

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(by Bazzerio)

Anonymous said: and your eyes are the nicest blue I've seen, so keep them like that please <3

wHAT you’re wonderful you just made my day <3 <3 I don’t plan on dying my eyes any time soon so you can rest easy. how do you know tho i swear none of the photos i’ve put here show my eye colour nicely

Anonymous said: Stay strong George, it's all worth it eventually :)

Thank you kind friend <3

i have been in such a rotten mood all week and it sucks i hate it but i’m just a sack of thorny bad vibes. I feel like my eyes must have turned into an inky black colour. Such a busy week//so much to do//hardly any sleep//hardly any fun//scary thoughts about my degree + future + options

Anonymous said: post a photo of your new clothes!

will soon when i learn how to take a selfie

Anonymous said: ayyy I'll be your bf

ayy hit me up but first who are you

part of me expects getting a boyfriend will be the answer to all my problems and i really want one but like how

bought the nicest jumper and jeans today and i felt confident as fuck in them but sadly no boyfriend to appreciate it ah well


Shove It - Santigold