"all you wanted was a ticket for a free plane ride
and a hand to hold and a mind to roam"

New Zealand

My little brother just told me that some girl in his class told him he was gay and when he told her her wasn’t, she and her friends showed him a picture of a girl in a bikini and when he was like ‘lol wuu2’ they were like ‘see! evidence!! you’re gay!!’ and I am just sO FUCKING ANGRY why is it that 13/14 year olds think that being gay is such a shameful thing to be that is literally the most shallow thing i have ever heard?? get your heads out of your underdeveloped asses and stop being shitty

swig swagging my way through an all nighter

from Courts, by Ward Roberts

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i hate it how people with minority opinions on this website are usually verbally attacked.. stop taking other people’s opinions so seriously and let people think what they think


California Coast Line (Sean Arbabi)

im shaking that call was so scary

someone help

I want to do my radio documentary for uni about religious education and its level of tolerance of homosexuality in high school focusing on this one school that asks its students to leave if they come out

i want to make a phone call and ask the school if they would let me interview their head of religion but HOW DO I DO IT making phone calls is terrifying

Anonymous asked: who are your friends at UoA?

not many - A very close friend is studying Architecture, a couple doing BAs, I have some friends from school doing things like science/engineering/accounting/arts, and other than that i just know of a few people here and there :))


Artists have placed a giant poster depicting a child’s face in an area of Pakistan where US drone attacks occur.  The project is called #NotABugSplat. This is in response to drone operators who refer to casualities as bug splats, cause from afar, viewed on monitors, that’s all the victims look like. The artists are hoping to have more artworks placed across Pakistan where drone strikes are frequent to help humanise victims to the strikers and the world.

This girl in my communication class asked what the word for discrimination against straight people was today

Anonymous asked: you went to the wrong university - UoA boys would love to befriend you!

How do you know this??? i feel it would be the same at any university just attractive men that i’m too shy to talk to/are straight. everyone i know from UoA is really cool tho 


You know those gifs you see of elephants painting and everyones like “oh wow that’s so amazing and intelligent I love elephants”?

If you really love those elephants, read this and stop reblogging those gifs.

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Olaf Otto Becker

Iceland 1999 - 2000

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